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These release notes for Point Linux XFce 3.0 (agni) provide an overview of the release and document the known issues with Point Linux XFce 3.0.


Point Linux MATE 3.0 overview

Point Linux team proudly announces the availability of Point Linux 3.0. This release replaces the Gnome 3 flavour with XFce flavour. Both flavours got the new Point Linux Update Notifier that will keep your system up-to-date. Point Linux Xfce also comes with the Compton window compositor installed by default bringing some eye candy to your XFce desktop. Full editions include latest Firefox and Thunderbird versions.


The purpose: Desktop PC distro
Target audience: Experienced users and business/IT sector
Based on: Debian 8 (jessie)
Kernel: 3.16
DE: XFce 4.10
DM: LightDM 1.10.3
Distro format: LiveDVD/USB
Supported architectures: i386 (i686-pae), amd64
Distro language: English in Live Session, Localized during installation
Installer: GUI Point Linux Installer 0.19.8

Changes in distribution

Point Linux Update Notifier
XFce flavour replaces Gnome 3 Classic flavour
XFce flavor comes with Compton installed by default
Firefox 39.0
Thunderbird 38.0.1
Multiple Point Linux infrastructural changes
Up to date Debian Packages

Changes in Point Linux Installer

Support for XFce added.

Download Point Linux XFce 3.0
Support Point Linux making donation

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