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These release notes for Point Linux 3.0 beta 2 (agni) provide an overview of the release and document the known issues with Point Linux 3.0 beta 2.


Point Linux 3.0 beta 2 overview

This release is intended for testing purposes only. Please do not use it in production environments!

The purpose: Desktop PC distro
Target audience: Experienced users and business/IT sector
Based on: Debian 8 (jessie)
Kernel: 3.16
DE: Mate 1.8.1
DM: LightDM 1.10.3
Distro format: LiveDVD/USB
Supported architectures: i386 (i686-pae), amd64
Distro language: English in Live Session, Localized during installation
Installer: GUI Point Linux Installer 0.19.1

Changes in distribution

MATE 1.8.1
Firefox 33.0.2
Thunderbird 31.2.0
Point Linux 3.0 beta 2 Core does not fit the CD due to the increased image size
New Plymouth splash screen
New default background

Changes in Point Linux Installer

Screen locking for all users by default if autologin is not enabled during installation
'Install Compiz' feature removed from 'Additional software' as Compiz is no longer supported

Known issues and limitations

Update notification does not work
Sound volume is muted at startup
Compiz is not present due to its incompatibility with MATE 1.8.1

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