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These release notes for Point Linux 2.2 (taya) provide an overview of the release and document the known issues with Point Linux 2.2.


Point Linux 2.2 overview

The purpose: Desktop PC distro
Target audience: Experienced users and business/IT sector
Based on: Debian 7 (Wheezy)
Kernel: 3.2.0-4
DE: Mate 1.4.2
Compiz: Available in repo. Not installed by default
DM: LightDM
Distro format: LiveCD/USB, LiveDVD/USB
Supported architectures: i386 (i686-pae), amd64
Distro language: English in Live Session, Localized during the HD installation.
Installer: GUI Point Linux Installer 0.16.2

What's new in Point Linux 2.2

Point Linux 2.2 is a minor bugfix release. It generally has the same specs as Point Linux 13.04 However, it also offers some improvements as well:

Changes in distribution

Firefox 24.0
Thunderbird 24.0
LibreOffice 4.1
Fast User Switch enabled
Up to date Debian packages

Changes in Point Linux Installer

Vietnamese locale support
Windows 8.1 detection
Network Manager (e.g. Wi-Fi) connections established in the LiveCD/USB session are transferred into newly installed system
Screensaver lock enabled if system was installed without autologin turned on

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