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Localization requires basic gettext knowledge. Please visit the following resources to learn more about gettext and .po files:

Gettext on Wikipedia
The Format of PO Files


Web Site Localization

Required skills

Basic gettext knowledge;
Basic HTML markup knowledge.

Obtain the messages.po file

The php script will automatically generate the actual version of the messages.po file including all the translations already done for your language before;
The php script assumes the first (top) language in your browser's language list is the language you're going to translate the site to.
You always have to get the actual copy of the messages.po file from the site before each editing. This will exclude your local (and probably outdated) and the actual version mismatch.
Get the messages.po file

Send the translated messages.po file

Please attach the translated messages.po file and send e-mail at support@pointlinux.org.
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